Wilhelmina Barns-Graham working in Peter Lanyon's School of Painting in the 1960's
Wilhelmina Barns-Graham working in Peter Lanyon’s School of Painting in the 1960’s


In 1990 a number of artists formed The Porthmeor Printmakers as an extension of their painting and other creative disciplines, with the aim of working together and exchanging ideas in printmaking.

Several fundraising portfolios were produced by the founder members which enabled the then very run-down top floor of The Penwith Gallery in St.Ives to be restored with new floors, wall surfaces, lighting etc. The initial portfolios were produced in Sheila Oliner’s studio who initiated the group’s activities and fundraising. The aims of the group were to revitalise printmaking in the South West by providing a facility for those already working in various forms of printmaking and introducing others to it’s potential via short courses.


John Charles Clark, John Emmanuel, Roy Ray, Roy Walker, Naomi Frears, Mary Crockett, Sonya Walters,   Rachael Kantaris,   Stephen Dove, Sheila Oliner, Margrit Clegg

The Print workshop, an old net loft had already been used by artists for over 50 years. In the 1950’s  Peter Lanyon ran his own school of painting there known as St.Peter’s Loft, used by artists such as Sven Berlin, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham,  William Redgrave and many others. From the 1970’s on, before it’s present reincarnation, it had already become a print workshop led by Brian Ingham, and used by artists such as Breon O’Casey, Roger Hilton and Terry Frost. At the time The Penwith Gallery posters were silkscreened there by Leike Ritman.

In 1994 when the restoration was complete, The Porthmeor Print Workshop, run initially by  Rachael Kantaris and Mary Crockett opened it’s doors to artists wishing to come and use it’s four presses and other facilities for etching and relief printing. This artist run open access facility is completely unfunded except via the memberships of those who join. The fundraising portfolios created by the group helped to equip the workshop as it is now.

The Porthmeor Print workshop is presently open three days a week and it is still run by Rachael Kantaris with lots of help from a small group of fellow members, all on a purely voluntary basis. Short courses are often held and we welcome any new members who would like to come and work there.

For more information please call 07825 611885 or email rachael@kantaris.com

 (all details are on www.porthmeor-print-workshop.co.uk)